• 25.06.2024 A day with a director of a theater

    What does a theater director's day look like? You only really experience that when you walk along for a day. What are similarities with museums or attractions? Or unique in running a theater? And what is involved? Thanks to the hospitality of Harry de Bruin, Carolien was able to spend a day at the TheaterHangaar & Hangar2. Read the report here.

    It is striking that there are several similarities with the hotel industry and attractions, such as the setup of its teams. Processing 752 visitors in a half-hour break requires a large team that knows exactly what to do. The director's work is very diverse: whether it is job interviews, spokesperson, contracts with suppliers or serving wine, Harry does it all.

  • 28.11.2023 BattleKart to The Netherlands

    Have you always wanted to be Mario Kart? It will soon be possible in the Netherlands! BattleKart is the perfect combination of electric karting, video games and augmented reality. In an electric kart you drive on a track where different circuits, bonuses and game modes are projected on the floor. A kart variant that is fun for all ages!

    Finding a place for this fun new attraction was not easy: a large open space of 30x60 without pillars that is easily accessible. And of course with the right catchment area. And it worked! The first Dutch branch will be located in Beusichem.

  • 22.08.2023 Musical 40-45 comes to The Netherlands

    The countdown has begun! In 2024 the musical 40-45 from Studio100 will come to the Netherlands! An impressive and innovative performance with a beautiful story. For this project, the contribution was small and yet large: finding a suitable place.

    In 2019 Studio100 came with a request: we are looking for a place for the musical 40-45 in the Netherlands. A challenging assignment, because it requires a very large and high hall, without pillars, in an easily accessible location, with a good catchment area. They are not readily available. One was too small, the other too far away and the next had too many obstacles in the hall. Eventually we came to the Midden-Nederland Hallen in Barneveld. Here, the facilities are already present for receiving the public, excellent accessibility and a nice central location. And that led to the fantastic news that the performance will premiere in 20234!

  • 14.07.2023 Oranjehotel research

    Why do young Germans come to the Oranjehotel National Monument?

    The research we conducted showed that real stories are important to captivate young people, just like authentic places. The museum scores very high on that. They are very digitally oriented, so using video or animation works well. And prior to the visit, using the right online platforms is of great importance. And for the German guest a full translation is nice, because English is not yet easy for everyone.

    Blooloop wrote a nice article about it: read more.

  • 04.07.2023 Puy du Fou naar Meppel?

    After years of working on this project, it has been announced that Puy du Fou may be coming to Meppel! Of course, many steps still need to be taken and this requires careful further elaboration. But very proud of the result achieved so far.

    At the start of the project, there were of course quite a few issues: is there sufficient marketspace, can a suitable location/plot be found, is it an interesting project for Puy du Fou, which stories would best suit a Dutch park? But step by step we got a little further. With highs and lows: from getting completely soaked during a possible site visit to a fantastic visit in the park in France.